I Wonder What the Future Holds

Realizing that media has went from a printing press to news with the click of a button is astonishing.  Technology has changed in ways I didn’t realize were possible.   It is extremely hard to predict where the media may go from here.  I believe that technology will obviously continue advancing.

There are a few things I would like to see happen.  Privacy settings should be increased.  It seems that as time goes on the option to privacy is shrinking and shrinking.  Privacy is something technology companies should help us work to protect.  Also cell phone longevity should be increased.  Even though most cell phone plans are for two years, most phones only make it to the one-year mark.  With all the advances, better cell phones should be created.  One thing that goes hand in hand with cell phones are batteries.  Whether is be the battery of my phone, computer or IPod, it always seems to be going dead.  Creating batteries that hold charge longer should not be very difficult for the technology world.

One new innovation I recently saw on the news was in collaboration with the police.  It is an app that can be downloaded to your phone and used to video something happening.  After the video is made, it can be sent directly to police, anonymously.  This app also allows individuals to contact specific officers directly.  Apps like this one should help the fight on crime.

Overall I am ready to see what the future of technology holds.  I realize that my skill level will most likely be small compared to that of younger generations, however I am certain that I will hopefully be able to keep up.  Today having a cell phone with you is almost a necessity, so in the future I hope we still have the option to be unplugged from the world.


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