Ethical & Facebook Go Hand In Hand

Facebook is one type of social media that I use on a daily basis and it has become a crucial tool to many businesses.  Facebook is important to me because it keeps me connected with family and friends.  It also keeps me up to date on news and information about business I have “liked.” 

Ethics is something that many people in our society are lacking especially in the Facebook world.  Truth is one form of ethics that needs to be remembered by Facebook users.  One example of how people break this ethic all the time is by the creation of fake pages.  People make up names, addresses, even entire lives in order to make profiles.  Many times users use the profiles to deceive other people, as shown on the MTV show, CatFish.  

Businesses who use Facebook should also keep ethics in mind.  They should always be truthful in the information posted.  Many times journalists are simply focused on who can get the breaking news story, however it is extremely important that the author clarifies the story is true.  Confidentiality is also key when keeping an ethical approach to Facebook.  If it is supposed to stay confidential, keep it confidential.

Integrity is another great quality Facebook users should employ.  Part of integrity means not bashing another company on Facebook.  It can also mean reading the complaints of customers and trying to fix the problem.  Integrity and the other ethical traits mentioned above are all great and should be practiced throughout life, however especially when using social media.


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