I Wonder What the Future Holds

Realizing that media has went from a printing press to news with the click of a button is astonishing.  Technology has changed in ways I didn’t realize were possible.   It is extremely hard to predict where the media may go from here.  I believe that technology will obviously continue advancing.

There are a few things I would like to see happen.  Privacy settings should be increased.  It seems that as time goes on the option to privacy is shrinking and shrinking.  Privacy is something technology companies should help us work to protect.  Also cell phone longevity should be increased.  Even though most cell phone plans are for two years, most phones only make it to the one-year mark.  With all the advances, better cell phones should be created.  One thing that goes hand in hand with cell phones are batteries.  Whether is be the battery of my phone, computer or IPod, it always seems to be going dead.  Creating batteries that hold charge longer should not be very difficult for the technology world.

One new innovation I recently saw on the news was in collaboration with the police.  It is an app that can be downloaded to your phone and used to video something happening.  After the video is made, it can be sent directly to police, anonymously.  This app also allows individuals to contact specific officers directly.  Apps like this one should help the fight on crime.

Overall I am ready to see what the future of technology holds.  I realize that my skill level will most likely be small compared to that of younger generations, however I am certain that I will hopefully be able to keep up.  Today having a cell phone with you is almost a necessity, so in the future I hope we still have the option to be unplugged from the world.


Ethical & Facebook Go Hand In Hand

Facebook is one type of social media that I use on a daily basis and it has become a crucial tool to many businesses.  Facebook is important to me because it keeps me connected with family and friends.  It also keeps me up to date on news and information about business I have “liked.” 

Ethics is something that many people in our society are lacking especially in the Facebook world.  Truth is one form of ethics that needs to be remembered by Facebook users.  One example of how people break this ethic all the time is by the creation of fake pages.  People make up names, addresses, even entire lives in order to make profiles.  Many times users use the profiles to deceive other people, as shown on the MTV show, CatFish.  

Businesses who use Facebook should also keep ethics in mind.  They should always be truthful in the information posted.  Many times journalists are simply focused on who can get the breaking news story, however it is extremely important that the author clarifies the story is true.  Confidentiality is also key when keeping an ethical approach to Facebook.  If it is supposed to stay confidential, keep it confidential.

Integrity is another great quality Facebook users should employ.  Part of integrity means not bashing another company on Facebook.  It can also mean reading the complaints of customers and trying to fix the problem.  Integrity and the other ethical traits mentioned above are all great and should be practiced throughout life, however especially when using social media.


Bridging the Digital Divide

One topic I have recently learned about is the “Digital Divide.”  Even if you have never heard this term used, you will recognize what it is.  As quoted in “The digital divide: global and regional ICT leaders and followers,” (2010) the digital divide is “the gap between individuals, households, businesses and geographic areas at different socioeconomic levels with regard both to their opportunities to access information and communication technologies (ICTs) and to their use of the Internet for a wide variety of activities.”  Different researchers make different claims as to if this divide is shrinking or widening.  The overall goal should be that the divide shrinks. 

            “Addressing the Digital Divide Within Your Organization” offers a few simple techniques to help shrink the divide that may be at you place of employment.  The author, Steve Radick is a Vice President of Public Relations at Cramer-Krasselt so he should be extremely reliable.   He discussing how frustrating even talking to someone who does not understand technology or the Internet can be.  For example many people, especially where I live, have no idea what a browser is or what even Firefox.  I feel like at times it is even hard for me to stay up to date on the latest social media, however, there are many people who still haven’t the slightest idea what twitter is. 

Radick offers a key word to deal with those across the digital divide and it is empathy.  When trying to talk to him or her, genuinely listen to their thoughts.  He claims that as easily as it is to criticize, this only creates more frustration on both sides.  Try to offer you help and understanding to others when explaining unknown terms.  I think this is great advice that will help not only bridge the divide but also create stronger working relationships.


Link to souce: http://steveradick.com/2010/10/21/addressing-the-digital-divide-within-your-organization/


Citation of source:

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