Looking for a Venue for your dream day?

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to explore a couple different wedding venues in my area.  I am pleased to say each offers gorgeous settings and many options.  I had the opportunity to intern at Sinkland Farms and work at Nesslerod on the New River.

This past fall I had the opportunity to intern at Sinkland Farms.  This is a beautiful farm that is still home to many types of farm animals.  Couples who choose Sinkland as their wedding venue have several different backgrounds to choose from for the ceremony.  A remodeled dairy barn provides the site of most wedding receptions and includes a unique chandelier.  The owner of Sinkland Farms also offers her home to wedding parties to get ready for their big day.  The farm is located on Route 8 right outside of Christiansburg Virginia.

Nesslerod on the New River is a historic home that was remodeled into a lovely bed and breakfast.  Wedding ceremonies can be held in a couple different places on site.  One of these sites is a sunken garden that creates an intimate and tranquil feeling for guests.  Receptions include a large tent for food and outdoor patio intended for a dancing.  This bed and breakfast is located on Lee Highway in Radford Virginia.  Couples can also choose a package that includes the bedrooms for the weekend, allowing the wedding party to be able to simple go upstairs after the reception.

Both places offer couples stunning landscape and scenery that help make their special day unforgettable.  Either place is a wonderful option and are also great places to work.  The experiences at these venues have added to the education I received in the classroom.




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