Instagram It!

A new online community that I am a part of is Instagram.  The set up is extremely easy, and user friendly.  This online community is a site that allows users to create a username and profile using an email address and mobile phone number.  The profile includes a profile picture and can link to other social media sites.  Then users can choose to make their profile private or public.  The two forms of shared media are photos and videos.  Users can also follow each other, like and comment on each other’s photos. 

            One of the main benefits of Instagram is the special filters that can be applied to photos when they are posted.  Instagram gives users the option to take a new photo or use a photo from their library.  There are 19 different filter options, as well as a frame, blue, contrast option.  Videos can be filmed in a certain filter as well.

            Instagram is like twitter because hashtags can be used when posting a photo.  Specific hashtags can be searched and all photos with those hashtags that are public will be posted.  A great way to put this aspect of Instagram to use is during a wedding.  I know several friends who have provided their guests with a hashtag to include on the pictures they post from the wedding on Instagram.  By doing this the bride, groom, and guests are more likely to be able to see more wedding pictures then they previously would have been able to. 

            Instagram is just one of the many communities that allow users to experience many different places around the world through photo and video.  This is a great social media that I thoroughly enjoy.  I am excited to learn new marketing techniques that can be applied to Instagram.


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