Looking for a Venue for your dream day?

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to explore a couple different wedding venues in my area.  I am pleased to say each offers gorgeous settings and many options.  I had the opportunity to intern at Sinkland Farms and work at Nesslerod on the New River.

This past fall I had the opportunity to intern at Sinkland Farms.  This is a beautiful farm that is still home to many types of farm animals.  Couples who choose Sinkland as their wedding venue have several different backgrounds to choose from for the ceremony.  A remodeled dairy barn provides the site of most wedding receptions and includes a unique chandelier.  The owner of Sinkland Farms also offers her home to wedding parties to get ready for their big day.  The farm is located on Route 8 right outside of Christiansburg Virginia.

Nesslerod on the New River is a historic home that was remodeled into a lovely bed and breakfast.  Wedding ceremonies can be held in a couple different places on site.  One of these sites is a sunken garden that creates an intimate and tranquil feeling for guests.  Receptions include a large tent for food and outdoor patio intended for a dancing.  This bed and breakfast is located on Lee Highway in Radford Virginia.  Couples can also choose a package that includes the bedrooms for the weekend, allowing the wedding party to be able to simple go upstairs after the reception.

Both places offer couples stunning landscape and scenery that help make their special day unforgettable.  Either place is a wonderful option and are also great places to work.  The experiences at these venues have added to the education I received in the classroom.




Instagram It!

A new online community that I am a part of is Instagram.  The set up is extremely easy, and user friendly.  This online community is a site that allows users to create a username and profile using an email address and mobile phone number.  The profile includes a profile picture and can link to other social media sites.  Then users can choose to make their profile private or public.  The two forms of shared media are photos and videos.  Users can also follow each other, like and comment on each other’s photos. 

            One of the main benefits of Instagram is the special filters that can be applied to photos when they are posted.  Instagram gives users the option to take a new photo or use a photo from their library.  There are 19 different filter options, as well as a frame, blue, contrast option.  Videos can be filmed in a certain filter as well.

            Instagram is like twitter because hashtags can be used when posting a photo.  Specific hashtags can be searched and all photos with those hashtags that are public will be posted.  A great way to put this aspect of Instagram to use is during a wedding.  I know several friends who have provided their guests with a hashtag to include on the pictures they post from the wedding on Instagram.  By doing this the bride, groom, and guests are more likely to be able to see more wedding pictures then they previously would have been able to. 

            Instagram is just one of the many communities that allow users to experience many different places around the world through photo and video.  This is a great social media that I thoroughly enjoy.  I am excited to learn new marketing techniques that can be applied to Instagram.




The variety of videos found on YouTube is unreal.  There are three types of YouTube videos I would like to examine.  The three types are a tutorial, a speech and a Harlem Shake.

The tutorial I enjoy is one my cousin created to explain how to do a “Boho Braided Headband.”  This is a great video for girls like myself, who enjoy creating different hairstyles.  She is very diligent in giving specific instructions.  The video is only five minutes long and sticks specifically to the purpose, which is how to create the hairstyle.  The link for this video is, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvs1v1xh1Go.

The speech is the second type of video I am reviewing.  The video I chose could be considered controversial.  Regardless of whether you are in support of the point Dr. Susan Gratia is making or not, I think everyone can agree this video is extremely moving. In this speech she is giving her account of the shooting she was a victim of.  She explains the moves of the shooter and how both of her parents were killed. The purpose of this video is for the speaker to give her opinion of gun rights and the second amendment.  The link to this video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1u0Byq5Qis.

One of the most recent video fads has been the Harlem Shake videos.  I have no idea what video was first but I remember watching one for the first time.  I could not figure out what the point was, but I just remember thinking how crazy it was.  I realized there is no education point to these videos but instead they were simply meant to be humorous.  One of the Harlem Shake videos that I thoroughly enjoyed was the one created by the University of Georgia’s Swim and Dive team.  This video was filmed completely underwater and the participants are able to stay at the bottom of the pool.  I think this is such a good video because it is such an amazing athletic ability to say underwater for that long. The link to this video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkNrSpqUr-E.

These videos are examples of the very different types available for YouTube viewers.  I am sure there are many other great videos that fall into these three categories.  It is great that there is such a variety of entertainment through YouTube videos. 


Innovating and Diffusing

Innovating and diffusing.  These two words may not be familiar, however when combined they describe a process that is constantly happening around us called Diffusion of Innovation.  Diffusion of Innovation is an interesting theory created by Everett Rogers.  An innovation can be many different things.  Innovations can be objects, such as a remote control or they can also be an idea or practice.  Newness is one thing all innovations must be. Some of my favorite examples of an innovation are the ipod, cell phones, and personal computers.  Once again however, an innovation doesn’t have to be a type of new technology.  The diffusion of an innovation happens when people learn more about the innovation through assorted channels, such as mass media or social media.  It will take people a various amount of time to learn about the innovation and decide if they want to buy it or do it.  The theory identifies steps people must go through in order when an innovation is diffused. The stages of awareness are knowledge and interest, decision, trial or implementation and confirmation or rejection of the behavior.  People will complete these steps at a different pace therefore different categories help label them. These categories are innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards.  You might be which category you fall under, and here are a few statements that will help you decide.  If you camp outside the store and stand in line for days waiting for the new iphone you are an innovator, these people tend to be less social than other groups.  If you still pre-order the phone or get it within the first few weeks, and get it pretty quickly you are an early adopter.  The opinions of the early adopters usually help influence the following groups.  The early majority is the next group and these people still get the iphone fairly quickly.  They are able to gauge their decision based on the reviews of previous groups.  Once the iphone has been out a while and it starts to be a normal thing to see around the people who decide to buy at this point are the late majority.  The final group are the laggards, there are people who may not want to adapt the new innovation but are forced to for some reason.  I hope these definitions help clarify which category you would fall under.

I believe this theory is a great way to look at new technology.  I have found it to be a practical way of explaining almost all new innovations.  It is usually very accurate and can help advertiser predict buyers.  By knowing all that we do about each category of people, we can better reach them.  Until next time, happy diffusing!