Blogs, blogs, and more blogs!

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs. The Internet is full of these interesting tid-bits of information written by all types of people. I have found that some of my favorites are food, fashion, healthy living, and humorous blogs. Blogs that provide helpful information are really neat. A great example of an information blog is “Veggie Munch?” which includes great recipes, such as “Creamy Fresh Blackberry-Acai Sorbet.” These blogs make it possible to explore some many different types of food. It is truly amazing how much can be learned through these blogs, not only about food. New crafts, places to buy certain products, suggestions of places to vacation and visit can be found in the vast amount of blogs. The majority of blogs are the personal opinion of the writer, which can prove to be very interesting. Sometimes it feels as though I am reading someone else’s journal. Some of these type blogs seem pointless to read. Most of the writing is very informal and can be very revealing about the author. I think I am paranoid about telling to many details about my own life, however I know I will eventually get the hang of this.

Here are a few blogs I enjoyed looking at:


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